Indian Peaks Mb Eye Candy

Manipulators Buckingham x Nehi Golden Nugget

Studbook: Amha, Amhr, Nmprs

Born: 2010

Height: 32.50 - 82.5 cm

Color: Sorrel Pinto

Veterinary approved

1st premie Nmprs

Unanimous Amha World Grand Champion Futurity

Multiple Open and Amateur Supreme Champion

Amha Europea Reserve Grand Champion


Samis For The Boys

Alamos Sirs Firey Echo x Samis Zabella Bey

Studbook: Amha, Amhr, Nmprs

Born: 2013

Height: 33.50

Color: Silver Bay

Veterinary approved

Amha World Champion Amateur Junior Mares

Amha Reserve World Champion Weanling Mares

Amha Supreme Champion

Amhr European National Grand Champion mare - under

Amhr European National Reserve Supreme Champion

Amha European Reserve Grand Champion Junior Mares

Amha & Amhr multiple Liberty Champion