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Show Results Samis For The Boys

Results in USA 2013

World Show

AMHA World Champion

 Amateur Junior Mares

Lvl 1 - 28" to 30"

17 entrys

AMHA Res. World Champion 

Weanling Mares 26" to 30"

13 entry's

AMHA World Top Three

Multi Colored Mares

11 entry's 


AA Creek Spring Fling Show

Champion Yearling mares over 30" up to 32"- Lvl 2

Grand Champion Junior Mares Lvl 2

Supreme Champion

ICAMH Extravaganza

Amateur Champion Yearling Mares

Champion Yearling Mares 30" to 32"

Res. Grand Champion Junior Mares

Champion Multi Color Mares

AMHF Summer Fun Festival

Champion Mare Yearling over 30" to 32"

Champion Multi Color Mares

AMHF European Nationals

European National Reserve Champion

AMHR Youth Halter MAre

European National Champion Multi Color Mares

AMHA European Championship 

European Champion Yearling Mares over 30" to 32"

European Reserve Grand Champion Junior Mares

European Champion Multi Color Mares


AMHF European Nationals


AMHR European Amateur Champion Mare Two Year Old - 33"& Under

AMHR European Champion Liberty - Under

AMHR European Champion Model Mare 2 Year & Older - Under

AMHR European Champion Mare 2 Year Old - Over 31" To 33"

AMHR European National Champion Mare Junior 

AMHR European National Grand Champion Mare - Under

AMHR European Nationals First Runner up for the

AMHR Halter Champion of Champions.

AMHA European Regional Championships

European Champion Two Years Old MAres 31" to 33"

European Champion Liberty

European Reserve Champion Multi Color Mares

MHCE European International Open

AMHR & AMHA Reserve Champion Liberty

AMHA Reserve Champion Two Year Old Mares

AMHA Amateur Champion Junior Mares

2015 - AMHR International ALL Stars

AMHR Model Mare, 2 Years and Older - Under Champion

AMHR 2 Year Old Mare 33"& Under Champion

AMHR Mare Grand Champion - Under Reserve Champion

AMHR Amateur Halter Mare - Under Reserve Champion

ICAMH Halter Performance 2015 Reserve Champion