Quality Amha, Amhr, Aspc, Nmprs and Bmp Miniature Horses

GDF Dance With Me The Salsa


ICAMH AMHA AA Creek Spring Fling Show

Reserve Champion AOTE Junior Mares

3th Open Yearling Mares 30" up to and including 32"

Mini's With Spirit ( 3 judges)

Champion Yearling mares with the highest score of the day 91.67

Equuspirit AMHR Show

Champion Amateur Yearling Mares 32" under

Reserve Champion Open Yearling Mares 32" under 

NMPRS Youth Examination

1B premie

AMHR European Nationals (3 judges)

Unanimous Champion Amateur Yearling Mare 32" and under.

Unanimous Grand AMHR Amateur Mare Grand Champion Under.

Champion Liberty - Under

Unanimous AMHR Yearling Mare - Over 30" - 32"

Grand Champion AMHR Junior Mare Under.

Unanimous Grand Champion Mare Under.

ICAMH AMHA EUROPEAN Regional Championship ( 3 judges)

Champion AOTE Junior Mares Lvl. 1

3th Amateur Junior Mares over 30"up to and Including 32"

4th Liberty

4th Yearling Mares over 30"up to and including 32"

Eusam World Show

Amateur Reserve Grand Champion Mares

Open Grand Champion Mares